When should I purchase my plan? 

Purchase now! When entering the code AUGUST, your first month(August) will be free and billing will begin on September 1st. You will NOT be billed for months where school is not in session. 

When is the first delivery?

Your Water Dispenser and first 5 Gallon Jug will be waiting when you arrive at your room in August! 

How frequent are deliveries?

With our plan, you are entitled up to 1 water jug per week. (For reference, jugs typically last a little under 2 weeks) Simply fill out the request form and your freshly filled jug will be delivered shortly. If you anticipate needing more jugs than provided, please reach out us at info@waterdropd.com

What kind of water are in my jugs?

5 Gallon Purified Spring Drinking Water. 

What if I want to split this with my roommate? 

No problem! We are able to invoice separately on our end once the plan is purchased. A reminder-the initial charge is $0 using AUGUST. Just let us know if you are interested in this option info@waterdropd.com

Can I set up an automated delivery frequency?

Yes! Just let us know what frequency whether that be weekly or every two weeks and we would be happy to set that up for you.

Can I use these services if I live in off campus housing? 

Yes, we deliver to all WashU entities. Please write off campus housing under where you would normally enter your Dorn Name and Number on checkout and we will reach out to you.