Why Water Dispensers?

Why drink out of the unsanitary bathroom sink or waste your time trekking down the stairs to the single and always occupied spicket? As a WashU student, you don’t have time to fret about where to find your water when you are already pushing the deadline for your paper or cramming for chem.  

With WATERDROPd, never worry about quenching your thirst again, and enjoy access to pure water, right in your room — all while giving back to the environment through supporting a student-run 1% for the Planet company that protects and preserves our world’s precious water.

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Water Dispenser with On-Demand Water Delivery

Water Dispenser with On-Demand Water Delivery


For less than the price of a latte a day, this plan provides you with a premium hot and cold water dispenser with spring or filtered water delivered right to your dorm room door!

Enjoy hot ramen, coffee, and tea with on-demand boiling water or treat yourself to a glass of ice cold water to take a break from the unbearable St. Louis heat.  

In this plan, you will receive a water dispenser and weekly on demand water delivery for $79 per month.

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